Thursday, April 11, 2013

Virtual Motivation

I'm guest-posting this week over at 100 Miles in 3 Months about virtual motivation...and visual motivation.  Check it out here!

Are you looking for a fun way to stay motivated this spring as you shake off your bulky winter-weather clothes and transition into lighter spring/summer clothes (and - dare I say it - swim suit season?!)? 

We're only one week into Round 5 of the challenge, you can easily join in the virtual fun.  You don't even have to have a blog to do it - all you have to do is email Amanda (her email is on the Challenge's blog homepage) that you want to participate (see the guidelines here) and commit to walking/running (or logging exercise) to accumulate 100 miles between April 1st and June 30!  I can assure you - it is a totally attainable goal!  Each week Amanda sends out a call for miles and each participant leaves a comment with how many miles we logged for the week.  I track each work-out on my phone using the app: CardioTrainer, this makes it super easy to see what I've done for the week and drop a quick comment with how many miles I've walked.

I love that this challenge motivates me to get some miles logged each week (I've challenged myself for the month of April to exceed the miles I walked in April of last year - I may even try to beat the miles I walked for April-May-June of last year, but one month at a time!).   I also love knowing that there are women all over the country getting out and pushing themselves each week! 

Isn't this virtual world we live in awesome?! 

I challenge you to join us!  There are still 12 weeks left in the Round 5 challenge - that's only 8 miles each week - or just over a mile a day - you could probably get that in by walking a half an hour on your lunch break!

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  1. Your post was great! I was so inspired after reading it. Thank you again!